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Smartphone Photography | Blog by chachoo Web Design & Social Media Agency Bournemouth

Smartphone Photography

While some professional photographers may turn their noses up at using a smartphone to take photos, the reality is that a good photo is a good photo regardless of the apparatus used to take it.

While there are drawbacks with using your iPhone or Android Device in taking pictures, there are also many advantages. Here are some easy tips to achieve quick Smartphone Photography Success:

Keep your lens clean

Unless you are using a full cover for your smartphone, the chances are there that your lens is smudged from keeping it in your pocket, touching it to make calls or browse the internet. So, make sure your lens is clean before you start your Smartphone Photography.

Stay away from the zoom

Using the smartphone’s built in zoom downgrades the quality of the photo by making it grainer. This is a challenge for any Smartphone Photography Enthusiast. To avoid using the built in zoom you could – if possible – walk closer and use the camera normally. Or, you can crop the image yourself afterwards during editing to bring the subject closer. Alternatively you can shop around for a Smartphone Zoom Lens.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes an amateur photographer makes is that they often overcomplicate photos. Too many details can be distracting so your focus should be on one interesting aspect in order to create that memorable photo. Don’t worry if most of your photo is filled with empty space as this will only enhance your subject more.

Simple pictures are also perfect for social media, though it must be remembered that many people will view photos on a small screen of their phone, which means a lot of detail you have in your photos will not be noticeable to the viewer. By keeping things simple people will enjoy your pictures a lot more.

Play with the angle

There are many creative angles you can take pictures from when using a smartphone yet most shots are taken from above chest height of an adult. So, for example, you can take pictures from a lower angle which is automatically more powerful as it gives a totally different perspective to before.

Also by shooting from a low angle you can make your subject stand out by having only the sky in the background, therefore removing unwanted distractions. Furthermore, it is also worth bearing in mind that when you shoot down from above, you are left with a birds-eye view of your subject, whereby you lose much of the detail that make children and pets such popular social media and Smartphone Photography subjects.

Find the right perspective

Photos generally look better if they have subjects in the foreground, middle ground, and background. But there are times when the background can be even more interesting than the actual subjects of your photos, such as when the sun is low and long clouds are present creating a stunning backdrop to the shots.

Always make sure you shoot from different perspectives and take multiple pictures as many shots will inevitably not be quite right. Experiment with panorama mode too because there will be situations where a standard setting will simply not do the scene justice – such as an expansive landscape.

Don’t ruin your piece of art with over editing

It is important not to over process photos – something many amateurs do. The temptation is that with all the Smartphone Photography editing tools and apps available, beginners often think that by using such special effects will turn an average or bad picture into a good one, which is not the case. Apps can work well to improve a good photo but not a bad one.

By applying the above techniques you will greatly improve the quality of your photography and increase your engagement on social media, as well as finding more fulfilment and having more fun.

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