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Creative Agency Brief | chachoo Web Design & Social Media Agency

Creative Agency Brief

This is not a post on how to write a Creative Agency Brief – this write-up is intended to be more of a reminder of how empowering and vital it is to work with a detailed brief when engaging the use of inventive professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, writers, web designers and videographers.

Why do you need a Creative Agency Brief?

As a business using the services of an agency you are the master of the project and the transaction; but to ensure you get the most out of the agreement, having clearly defined targets put down on paper is essential in order to meet them successfully.

Writing and working with a Creative Agency Brief may be something you have not done before or may be something way down your priorities, but rest assured, you will get better at it the more you do it.

When preparing a Creative Agency Brief it is worth bearing in mind a few key points:

  • Specify your objectives – what are you looking to achieve? eg. brand awareness, more sales in a specific area etc.
  • Supply details about your business background and company culture. Provide a copy of your marketing / business plan if possible – This will help the agency to relate to your company on multiple levels.
  • Ensure the agency receives all the necessary details about your Corporate Identity and Corporate Design. This includes all logo variations, company colours with codes, fonts, etc.
  • Use plain English – using jargon and terminology that relates specifically to your industry may cause confusion and lead to unsatisfactory output.
  • Provide as many details as possible about your target audience(s) as well as the competitors – this will help to find the right tone and approach for your brand.
  • Find some examples you like or dislike in order to give more specific idea about what you are looking to create.
  • Having an open and clear understanding is not just good news for you but for the agency too, who will be able to implement your objectives more precisely.

Apart from avoiding misunderstandings or potential future disagreements, a good Creative Agency Brief also inevitably leads to better quality work, as well as saving time and money.

So whether you are looking for Professional Website Design, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Printed Marketing Collateral, Photography or any other Creative Service, write it all down in a Creative Agency Brief in order to eradicate misunderstandings and to achieve a flawless collaboration with your agency.

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