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LinkedIn for Business

Using a LinkedIn Company Page in the best way gives your business a great opportunity to promote its products and services effectively, to your specific professional target audience.

Getting started couldn’t be easier – all you need is a company name and email address.

As the leading social networking site for professionals with 200 million members LinkedIn is a key platform for businesses.

The best ways to use a LinkedIn company page

Here are a few easy steps to creating a compelling LinkedIn Company Page – hopefully resulting in people hitting that all important “follow” button.

1. Write an interesting company summary
The “About Us” section of your LinkedIn Company Page near the bottom of your home page is the opportunity to sell the merits of your business by highlighting succinctly what you do. Make sure you provide them with relevant information about what you do while also making sure you use some keywords so people will find you in searches.

2. Add products and services
Your LinkedIn Company Page includes a Products and Services tab where you can share images of your products, descriptions, links to purchase them, and more. This is the “sales” section of your page so you really need to sell the benefits of your products and services her e. Remember to make sure your most important product is used first as this is displayed as featured content in the sidebar of your home page which means more people will see it.

3. Have a stand-out cover image
The cover photo appears at the top of your company home page so make sure you choose a picture that will capture people’s attention and entice them onto your page. Remember to include a message in your cover image that describes what your company does in a few words.

4. Ensure staff connect with your page
Ask your staff who have LinkedIn profiles to connect with your company page. They will then appear as employees on your Company Page where visitors can learn more about them and connect with them.

5. Publish company news/updates
Start creating useful and engaging content that your audience will be interested in. A page without content will definitely ensure no-one follows you.

6. Use featured updates to highlight important content
You can set any update that you publish on your page as featured, which means it is highlighted at the top of the company home page. For example, if you want to promote an event or highlight a promotion or piece of content, make it a featured update so more people see it.

You can also use the LinkedIn Company Page targeted updates feature to promote more effectively by making certain updates visible only to specific sections of your follower audience. You can, for example, target by staff or non-staff, company size, industry or geography.

Overall, make sure your LinkedIn Company Page is updated with useful and interesting content that will engage your audience – while also bearing in mind it is vital to interact with your followers.

Here at chachoo, we can help to get you started in no time. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to book a training session to get you up and running!