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Why you should atomize your content

Marketing guru Jay Baer succinctly defines content atomization as: “Taking a strong content marketing platform or theme, and executing it in many strategically sound ways.”

Content atomization is different to recycling or repurposing content in that it goes beyond transforming an ebook into several blog posts, or transforming one piece of content into another. As the name itself – a derivative of atom – suggests, it is about breaking down one big idea into much smaller bits and then spreading it as widely as possible.

If you are serious about content marketing, atomization should be a key requirement of your strategy as it allows you to cover more ground with your content while requiring less effort than creating brand new strategies every time.

Atomization also has a more powerful impact on your audience by being more relevant.

So, by executing your content in various platforms and multiple ways means you have the best chance of producing content that is appropriate to your targets. Therefore, rather than just producing a blog post why not deliver a blog post plus a podcast? Or you can go even further by adding a video, for example. All this naturally helps to increase your exposure across the social media landscape.

The strategy behind breaking down a big idea into smaller sections and distributing it creates a ubiquitous feeling among your audience with it seeming like you are “everywhere”.

There are many ways you can atomize your content. In fact, according to Baer there are 49 ways, which includes things such as social content to email to video. Here are some of the best ways:

Social content
Paid tactics
Long for content
User generated content
Remember: Atomization means your content is more searchable, more findable, more consumable and gets spread more widely and ultimately leads to more leads.