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Twitter for Business

When using Twitter in business it is important to remember this should be carried out differently to when using it for your personal use. But which are the pitfalls to avoid? 

It may seem obvious but increasingly the lines between business and personal Twitter usage is becoming blurred and having a negative impact on the performance of your account.

Here are a four easy steps to make sure you avoid making such mistakes and get the best out of your professional Twitter account.

Say “we” instead of “I”

When you tweet on behalf of your company, you are not representing yourself but the organisation. You should, therefore, ensure the style and tone of voice reflects the brand properly in your tweets.

The best way to maintain a brand voice is to avoid the first person singular (I, me, my) and stick to first person plural (we, us, our). People prefer to engage with companies online because of the personal nature of the interaction so by revealing yourself as an agent of the brand you can obstruct the connection between your brand and its followers.

Establish a Separate Account for Customer Support

As more and more companies go online, Twitter is becoming an increasingly useful platform to resolve customer service issues. But while it is great that companies can respond directly to customers in real time it also means that all of those real-time responses will show up on your company’s profile.

Seeing lots of apologies on your page is hardly the image you want to convey to users so make sure you create a separate Twitter account to respond to customer questions or communicate technical issues.

Prioritise influencers

Your goal as a community manager for a company should be to engage with all of your followers and address the needs of customers who make contact. But due to practical realities you are unlikely to get to everyone so make sure you prioritise your influencers – people who are the most active and widely-connected users.

Ignore abuse

Twitter is a great for handling customer service issues, but inevitably from time to time there will be some people who go too far and become rude and abusive. The most successful companies do not engage with offending users. Instead you can block the user or report the abuse to Twitter. Eventually, most haters give up and go away when they are starved of oxygen.

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