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Easy Design with Canva

The days of struggling to use complex design programs is now a thing of the past thanks to Canva – a free and easy to use design tool jampacked with stock images and templates.

Not many people are comfortable using technical programs like Photoshop let alone competent on them – but organisations still need to create graphics for things like posters, cards, website imagery, slideshows, invitations, handouts, Facebook, collages, blog posts, and much more. In short, Canva makes design for these aspects straight forward and available to everyone. The online service, which launched in 2013, lets customers choose from a variety of ready-made templates, graphics, fonts, and photos ensuring professional looking and visually appealing content.

While many of the photos and templates on the site are free to use, there is the option to buy a monthly or yearly subscription for unlimited access to all templates, graphic elements and photos alternatively, the rights for one-time use of an image can be bought for just a dollar – lower than traditional stock photo sites, in many cases. This fee helps generate revenue both for the designer and Canva. You can, however, easily upload your own photos or graphics, or use ones you have on Facebook for example.

The popularity of the company can be seen by the fact it has grown to reach over 5 million users, which is available in 179 countries where more than a million designs are created weekly. Organisations using Canva include 40 per cent of Fortune 500 companies such as the Huffington Post, Lonely Planet and Hubspot. Making design easy and saving time using Canva is now seen as a no-brainer by many.

The call for simplicity in securing professional level design has finally been answered for the masses – and at no compromise to quality, while saving you time and hours of frustration.