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“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

~Bobby Unser

Before committing to any form of Paid Media, it is advisable to compile a Feasibility Report. This will enable you to start from a solid foundation based on facts and the market you find yourself in.

Your Feasibility Report will include a number of essential points such as:

Your Marketing Strategy – What are your objectives?

Your Target Audiences and Influencers – Who are you selling to? And where and how will they consume your content?

Competitor Analysis – Who are your main competitors and what is their paid media strategy

Keyword Analysis – Which are the keywords you are targeting and what will be the Per Click Cost for those keywords?

Website & Landing Page Analysis – Are there any changes necessary? How clear are your Call-To-Action?

Your Feasibility Report will give you a number of recommendations such as Website adaptions, landing pages and call-to-action features, cost per click and much more.

Paid Media offers businesses fantastic opportunities, however, it’s also very easy to waste money – choosing the right paid advertising strategy depends very much on your business and the market it finds itself in. These decisions become very simple once you analyse all the relevant information.

Contact us today to learn more about our Feasibility Reports and their benefits.

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Analysing and Reporting on:
  • Your Marketing Strategy
  • Your Target Audiences
  • Your Competitors
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Website & Landing Pages

Creative Director: Mark Button

Content Marketing: Steve Sait

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Marketing & Strategy: Banu Biret

Film & Video: Andy & Remzi

Web Development: Darryl Walker

Adwords / PPC: Adrian Stephenson

Sound & Voiceover: Matt Black

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