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New Facebook Algorithm to Stop Engagement Bait

Who isn’t sick and tired of those spammy posts on Facebook trying to trick users to engage with them in order to gain a higher reach. But there is hope on the horizon! Facebook have announced today that they will change their algorithm to provide better user experience by putting an end to the sneaky […]

Happy Halloween from chachoo

  Banu is a witch – she lives way down in a ditch. Her clothing is a little strange – Because she never wants to change. She has a black robe and a black hat – Green skin and a smelly black cat. A big fat wart grows on her nose – And seventeen pimples […]

The best ways to use a LinkedIn company page

Using a LinkedIn Company Page in the best way means your business has a great opportunity to promote its products and services effectively, as well as share important and useful information for free. All you need is a company name and email address so it couldn’t be easier to get started. As the leading social […]

Why do you need a Creative Agency Brief?

This is not a post on how to write a creative brief – this write-up is intended to be more of a reminder of how empowering and vital it is to work with a detailed Creative Agency Briefing when engaging the use of inventive professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, writers, web designers and videographers.

What is a Brand?

“Brand” is an ambiguous term despite its widespread use. So what does “brand” really mean and how has the word’s application changed over time? The original definition of “brand” is the name given to a product or service from a specific source. Essentially from this perspective its usage is similar to the current meaning of […]

Smartphone Photography

While some professional photographers may turn their noses up at using a smartphone to take photos, the reality is that a good photo is a good photo regardless of the apparatus used to take it. While there are drawbacks with using your iPhone or android device in taking pictures, there are also many advantages. Here […]

WordPress vs. Wix

WordPress or Wix? What should you use to create your DIY Website? WordPress and Wix are two of the most popular options from which you can set up and run a website. Wix is a self-hosted service that helps you create an easy-to-use and simple website. WordPress on the other hand can be installed on […]

Pinterest vs. Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular as brands catch on to the benefits of using engaging visual content that can be posted straight to consumer’s devices. But it hasn’t always been obvious how to convert followers into sales, which has led to both platforms recently developing new tools to generate greater commerce. So what […]

Why you should atomize your content

Marketing guru Jay Baer succinctly defines content atomization as: “Taking a strong content marketing platform or theme, and executing it in many strategically sound ways.” Content atomization is different to recycling or repurposing content in that it goes beyond transforming an ebook into several blog posts, or transforming one piece of content into another. As […]

Content Builds Your Business!

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

-Andrew Davis

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